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Verbal Magic by Juan Tamariz presented by Dan Harlan

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In a world where we connected more and more by technology the ability to present magic to friends, family, and audiences using nothing more than the power of your voice is becoming one of the most powerful tools in the magician’s arsenal. The master of verbal magic is undoubtedly Juan Tamariz. Direct from his book, Verbal Magic, Dan Harlan has selected some of the finest pieces of magic that you can perform for your audience where they put the magic in their own hands. Originally performed over the radio by Tamariz, Dan has updated these effects so they can be performed during a phone call, a zoom meeting, or even via Facetime. You’ll receive 8 effects that require no gimmicks and often can be performed with nothing more than a few slips of paper, a deck of cards, or just a handful of change. These are powerful effects that play just as well in person as in a virtual format. This is Verbal Magic by Juan Tamariz presented by Dan Harlan.

Whether you perform for friends, family, or have your own virtual show there is something here for magicians of all skill levels. The effects have been proven to amaze audiences by one of the greatest living magicians of our time, Juan Tamariz. They’ve been hand-selected for you by one of the greatest living magic teachers of our time, Dan Harlan. The only thing that’s waiting is for you to share it with your audience.

Just take a look at the wonderful magic you will learn:

The Miraculous Hand
An astonishing presentation of the Ambitious Card that happens in the spectator’s own hands. The performer and the magician take a number of random cards out of their deck. The cards are mixed and then two of the random cards are selected. Both of these cards are inserted into the middle of the deck. Even though the magician and the spectator are not even in the same location, they both make a magical gesture and both of their selected cards rise to the top of the deck.

Four Aces
A four ace discovery where your audience does all the work. Your audience member selects a lucky card from the deck, and then thoroughly loses the aces in the deck along with the lucky card. After repeatedly cutting the deck, the lucky card is removed from the deck to aid in the discovery of the aces. The spectator is allowed to make a series of free choices, and then when the lucky card is waved over the cards the aces are found on top of the deck.

Heads Up
A prediction effect with the change in your audience’s pocket. Your audience grabs a handful of change and places it on a table. The audience then makes a series of free choices regarding how many coins they flip. They then choose a coin and cover it with their hand, while eliminating the rest of the coins. The magicians then reveals if that coin is heads or tails with perfect accuracy. The best part is that it works every time.

The Human Condition
A personality reading inside a card trick that will leave your audience stunned. The audience removes a handful of red cards and a handful of black cards from the deck that represent the good and evil in all of us. These cards are thoroughly mixed together. The packet cards is legitimately cut, and legitimately riffle shuffled together. The spectator lays out pairs of cards from the shuffled packet face down on the table, and hides away the pair of cards. This final pair will represent the spectator’s inner good or evil. All of the pairs laid out on the table turn out to be perfectly balanced with one card red and one card black. The hidden away packet? It represents the spectator, and it has two red cards in it because everyone has a little good inside them.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice
A card discovery you can perform from the other side of the planet. The spectator takes a deck of cards and makes some small piles of cards on the table which are then thoroughly shuffled. The spectator thinks of any card from these packets and then shuffles the packets. After more cutting and shuffling the audience casts a mysterious shadow over one of the packets and spells the word ‘magic’ discovering their selected card at the position they spelled to.

The Impossible In Your Hands
The classic Oil and Water effect can now be performed when you aren’t even in the room. The audience grabs five red cards and five black cards. The red cards and the black cards are each mixed. Then they are interlaced into a single packet so that the cards alternate red and black. The cards are cut, shuffled, and flipped face up and face down. The audience gets to make some truly random decisions. With a simple magical gesture, the cards are spread out to discover that the cards have sorted themselves so that all of the red cards are face up and all of the black cards are face down. A true miracle in the audience’s hands.

Lucky at Cards
A demonstration of the magician’s ability to affect the outcome of a game of chance using just their voice. The audience is instructed to grab a deck of cards and remove the 1-9 of any suit. If they don’t have a deck of cards they could write the numbers 1-9 on small slips of paper. The Spanish game of Escoba is introduced where the goal is to make a hand of 3 cards that equals 15 points. The cards are mixed, cut, and dealt into three hands of three cards. The spectator is allowed to select any hand they want, and miraculously their hand contains 15 points. A winner every time!

Bizzare magic finally gets the virtual treatment. The audience creates five slips of paper with numbers on the front and back, as well as a list of temptations and times of the day. The audience member sets aside one of the numbered slips and then mixes up the remainder flipping them end for end. Finally, after the numbers have been thoroughly jumbled up the audience members return the chosen slip to the mixed pieces and add up all the visible numbers. They then use the first digit to select a time of day from the list, and the second digit to select a temptation. Even though everyone selected different slips to begin with, and shuffled their numbers in different ways, everyone ends impossibly selecting the same time and temptation from the list. The best part is that you can customize the list to your own routine for it to be objects, emotions, or any other list that fits your style.

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