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Slipstream: Torn, Stapled and Restored by Eric Stevens

Slipstream: Torn, Stapled and Restored by Eric Stevens
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Slipstream by Eric Stevens is not only one of the most visual, unique and practical torn and restored cards, but it is quickly becoming a staple (pun intended) in many magician’s repertoire.

Here is what happens; A freely chosen card is selected, removed from the deck and, if desired, signed by the spectator. You then proceed to fold and tear off one corner of the selected card. Explaining that you will restore the card back to normal, you proceed to bring out a mini stapler. You then staple the torn corner of the card back on the card but in an abnormal position, in the center of the selected torn card. After clearly showing both sides of the card the corner is stapled to the card. You then bring your hand over the stapled corner and slowly the corner is passed through the staple and is completely restored back to the corner of the card where it started. The card can be immediately handed out, examined and kept as a one of a kind souvenir. Although the staple remains in the center of the card after the card is restored, the corner still has the holes from the staple!

You will receive everything you need to perform Slipstream right out of the box. This effect will come with a mini stapler, staples and 2 pre-assembled red and blue gimmicks as well as extra pieces to assemble your own gimmicks to any of your favorite decks.

With the Slipstream instructions, you will learn everything you need to know in extreme detail. It will also teach how to perform the full Slipstream routine from multiple angles, as well as multiple variations of Slipstream; including an gimmick-less version. As an added bonus we teach a routine called Trimuda Berangle, where Eric shows a very unique presentation with Slipstream using a blank card.

There are so many magical moments to be had with Slipstream and we cannot express enough how wonderful this effect is. Of course don’t take my word for it; here is what so many others are saying about this practically perfect torn and restored card!

“Great effect – looks like pure magic.”
– Allan Ackerman

“Slipstream leaves the spectator with a souvenir that replays an impossibility every time they look at it.”
– David Regal

“I honestly have no idea how you just made that happen.”
– Jeremy Griffith

“Wow. We all know the power of giving a souvenir of an object that has been altered. Now you can add Slipstream to that list. Your spectators will keep that forever. Well done!”
– Michael Hout

“Eric has elevated the TnR plot to a new level with Slipstream. It looks fantastic and adding the staple to the restoration not only adds a very strong magical moment, but it makes the impossible souvenir even more memorable.”
– David Jonathon

“Hold up, what the chocolate fudge is going on? That just looks like some witchcraft. Stay away from me.”
– Avi Yap

“One of the most unique and memorable Torn & Restored card effects you can perform.”
– Nicholas Lawrence

“Honestly I’ve never seen something so clean. It reminds me of the way Paul Harris’ stuff blows my mind. Well done my friend.”
– Nikola Arkane

“Eric’s work on the torn and restored card is unique, and quite baffling, even for knowledgable magicians – it certainly fooled me! Whether you perform it with one card from your wallet or a selection from a full deck, I’m sure you audiences will be blown away by the ultra-clean presentation of this classic effect!”
– Dee Christopher

“Very powerful and practical- leaves the spectator with a convincing souvenir.”
– Adam Trent

“Super convincing and visual, and different. Well done!”
– Caroline Ravn

“Three words. Clean. Innovative. AND INFURIATING! Seriously though, Eric has done it again with another homerun! Slipstream is crazy clever, has very clear justifications for everything, and fooling as heck! 11 out 10.””
– Cole Blalock

“Eric Stevens is a creative genius. From the creator of Cyclops to this new effect Slipstream you have created a very visual and impossible souvenir for the person to keep. You have smashed it out of the park again.”
– Scott Paton

“Eric’s Slipstream takes the classic TnR to a new level. Very creative!”
– Chiam Yu Sheng

“What a cool idea! A novel take on the torn corner restoration.”
– N. Colwell

“Eric’s mind is freakishly creative. Slipstream is the perfect example of this. Such an amazing effect that will destroy the spectators mind. Impossible you say? Nope, this is so badass I don’t want you to buy it.”
– Ryan Beyer

“I hate how good this is! Like it’s so cleanly done. Signed. Folded. Ripped. Stapled. Card is shown so cleanly on both sides. The staple wiggle with the corner is sooooo damm convincing ! Such a great souvenir your spectator will talk about and keep for many years!!”
– John Byng

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